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ENGLISH - То є добре

We, the inhabitants of the village of Bene, to increase the number of healthy children and young facilitate communication, decided to create a permanent multipurpose playground with artificial turf. Due to the existence of the site nearly 500 children will be able to play your favorite sports soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis and more. Improvement of children and the promotion of sustainable physical development is not just an urgent task, and perhaps the most important and influential for the subsequent life of mankind. For healthy children – in the future – the healthy parents of healthy children.

First, a platform created for children, but adults (over 500 residents of the village) will be able to drive the ball across the field.

Creating such a site will enable rural youth to strengthen their health every day, to raise the level of sportsmanship, and eventually become part of the great sport. In addition, the availability of the site will help to reduce the level of Internet addiction, delinquency, alcohol and cigarettes, the propensity for gambling among adolescents and young people, and reduce the number of serious diseases and abnormalities in children.

The cost of construction of the sports facility – 750 thousand. UAH.

We need to collect 10% of the amount, namely 75 thousand. UAH. as the starting fee, the remaining funding – for the sponsor.

With the support of our community small Hungarian village, we have collected a third of the amount – 25 thousand. UAH, still needed another 50 thousand UAH.

Therefore, we appeal for support to you, our friends and associates. Only joint efforts and solidarity we realize a childhood dream! If you, like us, an important recreational activities of children, youth sports education and rural development, then we invite you to support our project and invest in children’s health.

You can support the project by transferring funds to an account